Going Back To Cali: CompMag CA-Legal AR-15 Magazines

    The New Year is here, and for those of you behind enemy lines in the great state of California, that means you’ll need to either register your scary “AssaultRifle-15” or modify them to be compliant with the new regulations. CompMag is here to help.

    There have already been a few companies who have stepped up and made CA compliant parts in anticipation of the new laws. There’s the Patriot Pin for the AR-15, the Bear Flag Defense BF-10 AR-15 Loader, Survivor Systems Option Zero CA Compliant AR Stock, heck even Strike Industries has joined in on the fun. Their HQ is in the Golden State, so you know they’ll be pumping out the CA legal parts.

    I just stumbled on another option called the CompMag, it’s a fixed magazine that has a side loading gate. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen something like this. Last year we posted about the Das-Mag for the AK which was very similar to the CompMag but it seems like the makers of the Das-Mag went out of business before ever releasing their product.

    Because the CompMag is fixed to the rifle and cannot be removed without the use of a tool the user can still keep the scary features on their rifle. Those features being the retractable stock, flash hider and pistol grip. This magazine option is fully reversible in case the user comes to their senses and decides to leave California.

    The CompMag retails for $64.99 over at CompMag.net. Check it out in action in the video below.


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