UMAREX Launches the Licensed Airsoft and BB Gun Replicas of GLOCK 42, 19 and 17 Pistols

    Earlier we reported about the Umarex announcement of their agreement with Glock of manufacturing licensed airsoft and BB Glock replicas. Now, Umarex has added the Glock branded airguns to their website and released videos showcasing these new pistols. Let’s take a look at key features and the released model line.

    Images by Umarex

    All the airsoft and BB Glock replicas released by Umarex have markings identical to real Glock pistols with the exception of “Officially Licensed Product of GLOCK” marking embossed in the right side of the frame (see the top image of this article). The actual caliber marking is under the dust cover portion of the frame, near the serial number plate as shown in the above image. Another nice touch making these guns look like real ones is the recessed air barrel which as you can see in the image below, makes it look like a real 9mm barrel.

    These are the features present in all the versions. Now let’s see what are the differences between various models.

    Gas Airsoft

    For those of you who consider airsoft guns as tools for training, the 6mm airsoft versions with refillable magazines are possibly the best options. Umarex calls these models Gas Airsoft and there are four of them replicating the Glock 42, 19, 17 and 17 Gen4 pistols.

    All of these models feature steel made gas blowback slides which means the slides reciprocate during the firing process making an imitation of a real gun slide. The Gas Airsoft guns use a gas storage built into the magazine, which is refiled from an external tank. This makes the magazines look similar to the real ones which in its turn makes the magazine manipulations more realistic.

    These guns also feature identical disassembly process as in the case of real Glocks.

    The muzzle energy of Gas Airsoft series of Umarex Glocks is up to 1 Joule. The G42, G19 and G17 models have muzzle velocities of 75 m/s (246 fps), 85 m/s (279 fps) and 100 m/s (328 fps) respectively. The magazine capacities are 13 pellets for the G42, the G19 magazine can hold 20 pellets and the G17 replica’s capacity is 23 of 6mm airsoft pellets. The Glock 17 Gen4’s specs are identical to that of the Gen3 replica. The Gen4 has interchangeable backstraps just like the real firearm.

    CO2 Airsoft

    Umarex has also released a couple of Glock airsoft replicas (G19 and G17 Gen4) which are powered by CO2 cartridges. These also shoot 6mm airsoft pellets. These two models have non-reciprocating slides.

    The magazine holding a single column of pellets is inserted into the grip. The CO2 cartridge is installed inside the grip separately. In order to install the CO2 cartridge, you need to remove the backstrap, place the CO2 cartridge inside the grip and use the wrench built into the backstrap to tighten and pierce the CO2 cartridge.

    CO2 BB Gun


    The only version of Glock pistol made by Umarex that shoots .177 (4.5mm) steel BBs is a Glock 19 replica. It has a little higher muzzle energy (up to 3J) than the other models. This model is also powered by CO2 cartridges and has a magazine capacity of 16 BBs. Other features and the loading process are identical to that of CO2 airsoft pistols.

    That’s the model line of Glock pistol airsoft replicas released by Umarex. If you understand German, you can watch short introduction videos published on the Umarex’s YouTube channel.

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