Some Brazilian criminals’ show-off videos

    In a recent post (, we presented some photos of Brazilian criminals showing off different types of weapons used in their, eh, trade. It’s not unusual for those guys to also use the social media to exhibit video scenes of the same type, while some other footage pieces have been recovered from captured/killed outlaws. Most of the performers shown here are no longer in business… for different reasons. The selection that follows may be of interest:

    This is a recent scene from Rio de Janeiro during the New Year celebration: the guy is firing tracer rounds from what appears to be a .50 BMG bolt-action rifle of unknown (Tactilite?) model. Ear protection used may be an indication of the caliber at hand.

    These gun-toting folks inside a stopped car on a rainy day shake their AR platforms and Glock pistol (most likely, a select-fire modification, plus extended magazine) to the rhythm. No, the author has nothing to do with the white “Olive” painted on the black rifle’s magazine: it should, in fact, have been “Oliver”, as shown on the same gun’s stock!

    Yep, they always seem to be very happy… The variety of rifles seen in this footage includes the usual AR platforms, FALs, and a short-barreled AK.

    This dancing gang is from a Rio de Janeiro top-hill community, and also carry the habitual assortment of ARs (including scoped examples) and AKs. Some of them are also armed with pistols.

    This young AK-armed (safety “off”) criminal on ‘community patrol’ work in the Caju area in Rio de Janeiro was killed shortly after the video was aired while trying to pass an Army control point near a military facility in the same region. No more beer drinking while on duty…

    This footage reportedly shows drug traffickers exhibiting recently-arrived armament at the Vila do Pinheiro community, in Rio de Janeiro, mid-2017. Scope- and 50-rd X Products drum magazine-fitted HK G3 rifles with retractable stocks are shown first, some with under-barrel grenade launchers. I could not ID the sand-colored AR platforms, but maybe you readers can. The gesticulating cameraman/narrator is warning opposite gangs of the new arrivals…

    Ronaldo Olive

    Ronaldo is a long-time (starting in the 1960s) Brazilian writer on aviation, military, LE, and gun subjects, with articles published in local and international (UK, Switzerland, and U.S.) periodicals. His vast experience has made him a frequent guest lecturer and instructor in Brazil’s armed and police forces.