POTD: Walmart Ammo Status In California

    Thanks to Rakoczy for sending these our way. Due to the new laws regarding ammunition sales in California Walmart has ceased ammo sales for now. California now requires its residents to purchase their ammunition from licensed sellers approved by the California Department of Justice. And of course the DOJ has not released its guidelines of how one can become an approved licensed seller of ammunition. Couldn’t you just have ammo mailed directly to you? Nope, that is illegal now. Well couldn’t you just drive across state lines and bring ammo back? Not unless you want to break another ridiculous law. Of it gets even better. Starting in July 2019, CA residents will have to undergo a background check to buy ammo.

    I am not sure if this ban on ammo through the mail also includes ammunition supplies for reloaders.

    Yes we all know California sucks and it should just die off blah blah blah. But there are people who cannot move out due to jobs and or family. Why don’t the citizens fight back? Too many of them just don’t care or think this is a good idea. Can’t fight against this much stupidity although people still try desperately to hold onto their second amendment rights, what littler there is left of it.


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