MILIPOL 2017 – Pictures of the HK416F with kit, HK417 A2 and a MG5

    At Milipol in France Heckler & Koch exhibited an example of the HK416 F and what it looks like in its different configurations, including the kit that each soldier get with their weapon.

    All these pictures are unique for The Firearm Blog and have not been shown before. Thanks to our secret photographer.

    Some of the 416F’s will come with the HK grenade launcher.

    I don’t know which optic the French are going to use, I was expecting something national and a re-use of the J4 F1sight for the FAMAS.

    Note that the optics on these rifles are Aimpoint CompM5 2 MOA which is a bit of a surprise (but a good choice).

    The 416F is referred to as the “Arme Individuelle Future (AIF)”, which roughly translates to Individual Firearm for the Future.

    According to the French Ministry of Defense 93 080 pieces of Heckler & Koch 416F will be delivered between 2017 and 2028.

    38 505 units will be the HK416F Standard version.

    54 575 units will be of the HK416F Short version, which cannot have the Grenade Launcher mounted as there is no space. “Short” means 11″ barrel in this case.

    By 2022 half of the H&K firearms should have been delivered so this order will keep the Germans busy for quite a while.

    Below: HK269F Grenade Launcher and the cleaning kit for the 416F.

    I’m sorry about the reflections from the glass and the LEDs, but this is, unfortunately, the conditions at most exhibitions.

    Below: I made some investigations, and the knife (seems to be) a SG2000 WC, so it’s German as well!

    France has quite a few good knife makers, but I guess they bought the whole concept from the Germans.

    The knife retails for € 185, about 230 USD, so it’s not exactly cheap for a bayonet.

    All new Original Eickhorn designed multi-purpose combat knife / bayonet with additional wire cutter, fits German Bundeswehr G36 assault rifle KEY FEATURES ● 55Si7 carbon steel blade ● 30-degree angle of flexibility in either lateral direction without damage or fracture ● Half serrated blade for cutting through ropes ● Non-reflective and corrosion resistant Kalgard treatment protects blade and cross guard ● Fibreglass enforced synthetic handle and sheath ● Handle electrical resistance insulation protects to 10.000 volts ● Polyamide sheath with strap fits all U.S. MOLLE and IDZ carrying systems of the German Bundeswehr ● Diamond blade sharpener Overall length: 30.9 cm Blade length: 17.3 cm Blade thickness: 3.6 mm Weight: 320 g Features: SG2000WC – With additional wire cutter. fits German Bundeswehr G36 assault rifle Steel: 55Si7 (HRC 51-53)

    For people who complain that Heckler & Koch never make their rifles available on the civilian market, they made an exception for France with the civilian versions of the HK416F – MR223 F-S and MR223 F-C

    You can check the MR223 F-s and F-C here, wish I had one of those instead or my MR223.


    Below: HK417 A2 in 7,62×51 mm. I’d love to own this rifle or a MR308.

    Below: The MG5 in 7,62×51 mm and a Zeiss on top.

    Below: Reference photo. Note HK121 vs MG5 above. You can see the HK 121 reference here, from Enforcetac earlier in 2017.

    The MG5 pictured from the other side.

    You can clearly see “MG5” on the side of the MG5…but according to HK’s new nomenclature it’s supposed to be called HK121. Strange days.

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