Firearms made out of Camera Gear (Art)

    Shoot Portraits Not People” is an anti-violence sculptural project where Jason Siegel built “firearms”out of used camera equipment. The Denver based metal sculptor Keith D’Angelo helped with the project.

    Below: “The Shotty”  Sculpture 3 of 10 brand new designs. Note the breach barrel and pump. 


    I’m sure there are going to be lots of emotions and opinions about this project, but as both a photographer and a firearms lover I think the project is interesting and the attention to detail is great.


    Below: An UZI or a MAC10?

    Below: This is “The Sniper”.  Sculpture 4 of 10 brand new designs. Measuring almost 6 feet long

    Below: Sculpture 8/10. Almost looks like the HERA Arms grips inspired this creation.


    Below: The Tommy. Sculpture 7/10. Made of 100% camera gear complete with an old zoom lens stabilization stock. The buttstock is fantastic! 

    Below: “The minigun” Sculpture 5 of 10 brand new designs. Made of 100% camera gear.

    Below: “The Rifle”. 6 of 10 brand new designs. Made of 100% camera gear.

    Below: Sculpture 9/10

    Below: Photo Bombs. “Flash! Smile for the Camera!”


    The “firearm” in the top picture as exhibited to give you an idea of the size. Also check the video below to get a reference.

    Below: There is also a 1947 Willys Jeep. It’s been fully customized and and it’s fully drivable. It’s been wrapped in satin black and armed to the teeth with camera equipment including a Browning .50 caliber sculpture built out of Brownie box cameras. It’s available for sale as an art piece, but you can also take it off road. I could live with those prints on the wall of my man cave (and the Willys in my garage).

    Below: Night Vision Goggles?

    Below: Excuse me, which caliber is that?

    All photos by Jason Siegel.


    There’s a video by Verax Creative showing the creation of some of the “firearms”.

    There’s another video here, from the actual exhibition.

    You can find and view Jason Siegel’s project here:

    You can also check Jason’s Instagram. Just beware that some of the photos might not be work safe. (like that is going to refrain you from looking!)

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