Kalashnikov Concern’s MP-446C VIKING-M Pistol in Action

    MP-446C VIKING-M in action (Kalashnikov Media)

    Kalashnikov Concern has released a video of their MP-446C VIKING-M competition pistol in action via their Kalashnikov Media site.

    The video shows the pistol running some drills and breaks down some of the weapon’s features and attributes. Designed for competition shooting and tailored to comply with International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) rules, the VIKING itself is a development of Vladimir Yarygin’s MP-443 Grach, which was adopted as the Russian military’s new sidearm in 2003, and is slowly entering service.

    Right side MP-446C VIKING-M (Kalashnikov Concern)

    Left side MP-446C VIKING-M (Kalashnikov Concern)

    The MP-446 VIKING was first unveiled for civilian and export sale back in 2004, but the new MP-446C VIKING-M model was launched at the 2016 Kalashnikov Cup shooting competition. The VIKING-M adds a Picatinny rail and makes some ergonomic improvements to the grip and controls, including a larger magazine release. The VIKING-M also has a reshaped feed ramp to improve reliability from both the single feed and earlier double feed magazines.

    Below is a screen cap from the video showing the old and new VIKING partially disassembled side by side:

    On the left is the original VIKING while on the right is the new VIKING-M (Kalashnikov Media)

    As a sporting pistol Kalashnikov Concern sell the VIKING under their sporting gun trademark, Baikal. You can check out the video of the VIKING-M in action here.

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