Israel Defense Forces to Adopt an Android Smartwatch by 2019

    The Technological and Logistics Directorate of Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has announced that by 2019 they will issue a new Android smartwatch to the troops. The system will allow to significantly boost the efficiency of the soldiers in the field and increase the chances of successfully accomplishing the missions.

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    The watch is waterproof and rugged. It is capable of surviving 3-meter drop test. The use of Android OS gives the system a number of advantages. Although it will be using special military applications, the Android interface will allow the soldiers to easily learn and navigate in the applications due to the similarity with conventional Android software. Another advantage of using Android OS is that it will allow installing new apps as easy as it is on the smartphones thus making upgrades a simple and easy process.

    The system will allow the personnel to better navigate in the area thanks to the built-in digital compass and maps. It will also show the location of friendly forces thus eliminating the possibility of misidentification and friendly fire accidents. It will also make it much easier to receive new orders and report to the commander.

    IDF has already tested this system. They plan to make some improvements and ultimately adopt it by 2019. In future, this system can be upgraded with solar batteries, possibility to record the vital signs etc.

    Many thanks to Yoel M. for helping with the translation! 

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