High Desert Outdoor Research Full Metal Tikka T3 / T3X Trigger Guard

    The Tikka T3 is a popular rifle with TFB writers because it represents amazing value. For about the same price as a basic Remington SPS the Tikka T3 gives you a stainless rifle, MOA guaranteed accuracy and a great trigger. Former TFB Writer Thomas Gomez has been a long time user of the Tikka T3 and has developed an upgraded Trigger Guard for the Tikka T3 / T3X

    Tikka Trigger Guard -9

    Steve’s Tikka T3 with HDOR Tikka T3 Trigger Guard and Zeiss Conquest scope

    What I don’t like about the Tikka is the use of plastic parts for the trigger guard/magazine well and the bolt shroud (end cap). Thomas was also unhappy with the magazine well and decided to do something about it. For over a year he had been refining the design of an aluminum trigger guard. The trigger guard is finally on sale to the public through his new company High Desert Outdoor Research.


    The Trigger Guard is manufactured from 6061 Aluminum and has a matte black T6 Type 3 hard coating. The trigger guard is slightly larger than the factory guard to help accommodate gloved fingers and the edges are smoothly chamfered.

    Tikka Trigger Guard -11

    Installation is simple. Thomas discovered that the factory stocks vary quite substantially in dimensions. The factory trigger guard is relatively flexible and bends into shape. Because a metal guard is ridged, he supplies the guard with a set of 0.1″ and 0.2″ shims.

    Tikka Trigger Guard -6
    All that is required to install the guard is remove the two retaining screws, pop out the factory guard, then try the HDOR Trigger Guard with no shims, and if the magazine does not seat, slowly build up the shims until the magazine easily clicks in and ejects.

    Tikka Trigger Guard -7

    I have no idea why, but Sako manufactures two different magazine designs. I own both and tested them extensively with the HDOR Trigger Guard. I am pleased to report that they insert easily, the magazine release button is easy to operate and the magazines positively eject and feed rounds perfectly.

    Tikka Trigger Guard -4

    I freely admit that I am a little biased, with Thomas being a friend, but I don’t hesitate to recommend this trigger guard to anyone with a Tikka T3 Lite rifle and I am looking forward to seeing what Thomas comes up with next.