Circle 10 AK Fixed Triangle Stock for Slant Back VEPR Rifles

    Circle 10 AK came up with a simple stock solution for those Vepr rifles and shotguns that have an angled rear portion of the receiver also known as “slant back”. Normally, AKs have a square back receivers. However, some versions of Vepr rifles, particularly those that originally came with hunting style stocks, have those slant back receivers. You can see both receiver types compared in the image below.

    In terms of sending the lead downrange, it doesn’t make any difference. Slant back Veprs are perfectly functional. However, let’s face it, AKs are military/tactical pattern rifles and hunting stocks make them look somewhat ugly. Of course, that is a matter of personal preference, but the fact that there are numerous products made to convert these classic stocks to more tactical ones, tells me that many people do want to do that kind of stock change on their Verp rifles. The majority of aftermarket stocks are made for conventional square back AK receivers and the owners of slant backs face a problem of fitting these stocks. Of course, the market responds quickly to the demand and there are adapters converting the slant back stocks into conventional ones or into AR-15 buffer tube compatible ones (see the image below).

    What Circle 10 AK introduced is a fixed triangle aluminum stock that directly fits the slant back Vepr receivers. This directly mounted stock (without an adapter) makes the rifle look better with a cleaner receiver-to-stock joint. That is of course if it fits perfectly. The manufacturer admits and warns that depending on the model of Vepr rifle or shotgun, there might be a small gap. Another advantage of this stock is the absence of an additional joint (the adapter) which should make it a much more rigid construction. Also, the triangle stock gives these rifles more tactical classic AK look reminding the iconic AKS-74 triangle stocks.

    These Circle 10 AK stocks are machined out of a 6061 aluminum and have a mil-spec Type2 hard coat black anodized finish. They also feature QD sling attachment sockets from either side. The buttpad portion has large cuts/serrations to ensure reliable purchase on the shooter’s shoulder and prevent it from slipping. The stock comes with all the necessary installation hardware. It weighs 14 oz and is 8.75″ long.

    The Fixed Triangle Stock for slant back Vepr rifles is available through Circle 10 AK’s website at a price tag of $109.95. This stock is made in the USA thus counts as a 922(r) compliance part.

    I like this idea. It is nice and simple. I hope Circle 10 AK will design a similar direct fitting but folding triangle stock, too.

    Hrachya H

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