V Seven Weapons “Helios” Titanium Muzzle Brake

    If you’ve ever shot or stood next to someone shooting a pistol or SBR AR or AK you know how loud they can be. This is especially true if they’re using a traditional style muzzle brake with side ports. For this reason “Krinkov style” muzzle brakes are very popular on pistols and SBRs. They redirect the concussion and sound forward and away from the shooter while still offering a bit of recoil reduction. I stumbled on an interesting new lightweight muzzle brake from┬áV Seven Weapons called the Helios that does just that.

    The Helios muzzle brake is made out of Grade 5 Titanium and is 100% corrosion resistant. It weighs in at just 2.8 oz. It has an overall length of 2.75″ and a diameter of 1.25″ which is perfect if you’re going for that handguard and rail over the muzzle brake look, and because it doesn’t have side ports this won’t happen.

    It includes a crush washer and is available in both a raw titanium and black finish. The Helios brake is available in a 1/2×28 thread pitch for 5.56 and 5/8×24 thread pitch suitable for calibers up to .338″ in diameter.

    V Seven Weapons Helios brake is made in the USA and includes a lifetime warranty, it’ll set you back $129 over at vsevenweaponsystems.com.

    Ray I.

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