TFB’s Top 10 Most Popular Reviews Of 2017

    As we continue our steady march towards the new year, let’s take a glance back over our shoulder at the most popular reviews at TFB for 2017. As with news articles, TFB is blessed with a talented staff that collectively has a broad base of firearms and gear knowledge. Matchstick Guns, Dive Shorts and a 9mm AK? You’re welcome world. You’re welcome.

    TFB already has some exciting reviews in the works for 2018 and we will do our best to get them published before the SHOT Show. As always, this is a great time of year for new product announcements and we hope to bring you more additional content in the form of exclusive reviews.

    Have a suggestion? Drop me a note – one of my most enjoyable reviews from 2017 was the Franklin Armory BFSIII Binary Trigger for the MP5, which came from a reader request.

    TFB’s TOP 10 Most Popular Reviews Of 2017

    10. Review: Century C39v2-U.S. Manufactured Milled Receiver AK

    AK platform firearms are pretty ubiquitous, with variants coming from all over the world.

    9. Rifle Review: Springfield Armory Saint with Free Float Handguard

    Last year, Springfield Armory rolled out the Saint Rifle. The Saint was well received, but shooters were chomping at the bit for a version with a free-float handguard.

    8. “Modern Dive Short” or “My Dick’s Showing”? Full Review of the Magpul MDS Short [Probably NSFW]

    Here’s the article that no one asked for – the Magpul MDS review. You might be asking yourself – “Why?” And there certainly are a lot of questions raised by this article: Why did Magpul start making shorts?

    7. Review: Glock 43 (G43) 9mm – Mousegun “Perfection”?

    Is it too much to ask from a mouse gun to be at least 9mm, reliable, and shootable? Based on various other offerings on the market, it could be argued that the combination of the three was a tall order.

    6. Review: POF-USA Revolution: 7.62 Power in a 5.56 sized Package

    In recent years, “compact” .308 AR-style rifles have come onto the scene. I say “AR-style” rather than AR10/SR25 being that the rifles I’m referring to are a blend of both, or in the case of the Colt 901, a system unto itself.

    5. TFB Review: New Remington 870 DM Detachable Magazine Fed Shotguns

    You’ve heard the old saying “everything old is new again”. Well, that applies to the tried and true Remington 870 shotgun.

    4. Gun Review: Taurus PT709

    The last decade has witnessed an industry trend for small, slimline pistols that are easy to conceal, ergonomic, streamlined, but large enough to shoot relatively well. The Firearm Blog was recently provided the Taurus PT709 chambered in 9 millimeter for testing.

    3. Review: Folding Matchstick Revolver

    Almost a year ago, I posted about a simple matchstick gun…

    2. Chiappa 9mm Kalashnikov Pistol Review

    We first reported on the Chiappa 9x19mm NATO Kalashnikov Pistol last year on TFB, promising a review. This review will consist of the Chiappa Pistol with both Glock and CZ magazine inserts.

    1. Gun Review: Howas New Chassis Rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor

    I recently had the pleasure of testing out Howa’s new HCR or Howa Chassis Rifle. The Howa HCR is built using a Howa 1500 Heavy Barreled action and an Accurate Mag aluminum rifle chassis. For testing, I received a model chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor.

    BONUS: Gun Review: Taurus PT111 Millenium G2*

    * One of the most popular reviews in 2017 was one that actually debuted in 2014! So either there was a surge in Taurus love or this was the internet’s way of predicting the arrival of our new editor in chief – Doc Rader.

    Popular Reviews

    I’ll admit, the first thought that crossed my mind when I was told that I was to do a review on the Millennium G2 was, “Is my writing so bad that my editors are trying to kill me?”.


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