NEW Thorntail2 Line of Light Mounts by Haley Strategic Partners

    Haley Strategic Partners, a company founded and run by the renown firearms instructor Travis Haley, has announced the availability of an entire line of new light mounts called Thorntail2. All models of these new mounts have a refined design over the previous Thorntail series and now also have M-LOK compatible versions, too. Let’s take a brief look at each one of these new models of light mounts.

    Thorntail2 Inline

    The Inline mount has been updated with an addition of 4 mounting holes to better adjust the position of your light on the weapon. It is available for both KeyMod and M-LOK accessory attachment systems. Here is a video with Travis Haley showing the installation process of the M-LOK version.

    Thorntail2 SBR

    This mount comes in three versions compatible with Picatinny rails as well as with KeyMod and M-LOK systems. The SBR mounts allow diagonal adjustability of the flashlight’s position on the weapon. There is also a special screw capture design which captures the screw head and ensures that even if the screw comes loose, you won’t lose it. It is also possible to configure this mount for left or right hand use. Watch the video below to see how these features work.

    Thorntail2 1913 Offset

    These mounts can be installed on Picatinny rail, KeyMod or M-LOK handguards (depending on the model) and they convert these mounting platforms to a 45 degree Picatinny rail section to mount a variety of 1913 rail compatible lights. There are also tapped holes machined inside the rail sections to allow adjusting the position of the added rail section. Here is an example of installation of this mount.

    Thorntail2 MIL620 Mounts

    This one is a simpler design. It directly mounts to the following models of wide base Surefire lights: M951, M952, M961, M962 and Scout M620. Here is how simple it is to install.

    All the new Thorntail2 mounts are made of 6061-T6 aluminum and feature a mil-spec black anodizing. The Inline model costs $40 and all the other models of these light mounts have a price tag of $50. The prices are the same regardless of the mounting platform choice. Thes new mounts are available through Hailey Strategic Partners or Impact Weapons Components websites. The latter is the company who manufactures these mounts.

    What I like about these mount designs is their well thought out simplicity. Being involved in designing of a couple of products myself, I can tell you from my personal experience that simpler solutions are the hardest to come with.

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