NEW MARLIN LEVER GUNS: Threaded 1894CST And More

    New marlin lever guns

    Although details are slim at the moment, information from multiple sources is revealing a variety of new Marlin lever action rifles set to be available to consumers soon. Heavy on the pistol calibers, Marlin is featuring the 1894CST, a threaded barrel carbine chambered in .38 Special/.357 Magnum. Long sought after by silencer lovers, lever gun hosts were sent to gunsmiths for barrel threading and, in many cases, magazine tube shortening.

    Other features on the new Marlin lever guns include XS Sight Systems ghost ring sights, big loop levers, and weather resistant stainless steel finishes. Besides the 38/357 chamberings, Marlin is making the new carbines available in .44 Special/.44 Magnum.

    With MSRP set for around $1,100 for the two models detailed below, rumors are hinting at a street price of about $900. With the popularity of pistol caliber lever action rifles on the rise, expect these new models to sell quickly.

    Additional details are listed below.

    Marlin 1894cST Trapper SS Specifications:

    • UPC: 026495704384
    • Stainless/Black Polymer
    • .38Spc/.357Mag
    • 16.5” Threaded Barrel (1/2 x 28)
    • 6+1 Tubular Magazine
    • XS Ghost Ring Sights
    • Big Loop Lever
    • MSRP: $1154.00

    (My apologies for the low-resolution image)


    Marlin 1895GS Trapper SS Specifications:

    • UPC:  026495704506
    • Stainless/Black Polymer
    • .45-70
    • 16.5” Barrel
    • 4+1 Tubular Magazine
    • XS Ghost Ring Sights
    • Big Loop Lever
    • MSRP: $1,123.42

    New Marlin Lever Action Rifles:

    From the looks of the information posted in this thread on, there are a number of new lever action rifles poised to hit the market. I wish there were more threaded models available.

    The Marlin website has not yet been updated to show the new models.


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