CZ USA Integrally Suppressed Barrel For The CZ 455

    CZ USA appears to be investing in the silencer market for 2018. Following on the heels of the pre-release announcement of a reflex designed suppressed Scorpion carbine, CZ is teasing two integrally suppressed rimfire barrels. Specific to the CZ 455 platform, the new NFA additions to CZ USA popular rimfire rifles will be available in two lengths – 16.9” or 20.9” – and two chamberings – .22LR and .17 HMR.

    Besides the CZ 455 being a superb suppressor platform, the fact that another major manufacturer is manufacturing silencers gives me hope for the future. Last year around this time, Ruger announced the ISB – an integrally suppressed barrel assembly for the Takedown 10-22.

    Looking at the baffle design, I am a little concerned about the cleaning and maintenance routine. Each baffle is threaded on the outside and appears to screw down into the barrel/silencer tube. The notoriously dirty rimfire cartridge will produce fouling, making the baffles difficult to install or install. But again, this is just a preview – there a chance we aren’t seeing the whole design or plans could change. My guess is that we will get a better look in a few weeks at the 2018 SHOT Show.

    The MSRP is set at $399.

    Integrally Suppressed Barrel For The CZ 455

    CZ 455



    “All you hear is the click of the firing pin and the bullet hitting the target!”

    Our #MondayMorningCZSneakPeek is definitely one of our favorite new products for 2018 — an affordable and effective integrally-suppressed barrel set for our 455 rimfire platform. With standard velocity 22 LR ammo it’s quiet as a mouse. Chambered in 22 LR or 17 HMR, it can be had in two barrel lengths, 16.9″ or 20.9″ — for just $399 (plus the obligatory $200 ATF tax stamp). #cz455 #integrallysuppressed #integralsuppressor #suppresseverything #suppressors #silencers #rimfiresuppressor #rimfirecan #rimfire #rimfirerifle #22lr #17hmr #rkba #pro2a #shallnotbeinfringed #REPEALTHENFA


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