The Arsenal Firearms Name is GONE… Now to be known as Archon Firearms, Inc.

    Archon Firearms

    Arsenal Firearms has changed the name of their company; thereby, setting back the release of their heavily anticipated Stryk B pistol. This announcement was made to customers, suppliers and business partners of Arsenal Firearms.

    Effective December 20 2017, we are excited to announce that we are changing our company name to:


    Due to a potential trademark dispute, we have chosen to rename to avoid the possibility of a further lengthy delay in the launch of the Stryk B pistol, which has now been rebranded as the Archon Firearms Type B pistol.

    As you may already know, last month we received the first shipment of Stryk B (now Type B) pistols from our E.U. manufacturing facility and had planned to ship to dealers last month. Unfortunately, the rename now requires manufacturing new slides with updated markings for those pistols, as well as the reissue of an ATF-required marking variance, and we now expect to launch in late spring.

    I sincerely apologize for the additional delay, but it is necessary to avoid the potential of an even longer one.  That said, I am happy to inform you that Stryk B/Type B samples have been in final field validation for a month now with a select group of firearms trainers and competitors, and based on their unanimously positive feedback, we are confident the wait will be worth the inconvenience.

    We will be sending out a press release later this week announcing the rename.

    Our new Internet address will be
    Our email addresses will change to the domain

    The company will continue to operate in its current structure, and your contacts will remain unchanged. Other than these visible changes, there is no change in ownership and no change in staff. Our office location, phone, and fax numbers will remain the same.


    Adrian Chavez, CEO of Archon Firearms, Inc.

    For those who have been drawn in by the allure of purchasing one of these new, yet still, unavailable Stryk B/Type B pistols, your wait continues. According to their CEO though, once you have the final, re-branded product in your hands the wait will have been worth it.

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