Boardroom Series of Pistols: NEW Nighthawk Custom Chairman Longslide

    Chairman Longslide

    Nighthawk Custom, the quality custom shop from Arkansas, is used to having one gunsmith labor to build one gun at a time. With their new Boardroom Series of pistols, this should be pretty evident. To the tune of $4,195 (not legal for our California friends), you can get a subtly high-class 1911 that will be a gem to shoot as well.

    Nighthawk Custom goes into detail outlining the features and benefits of this model.

    The Chairman is the first in our Boardroom Series of Pistols. The Chairman is a 6” Long-Slide Government 1911, available in 9mm or .45 ACP. Windows and heavy angle lightning cuts in the slide allow the heavier 6” slide to function reliably, while also showing off the stunning Titanium Gold Nitride Barrel. The long slide creates significantly less felt-recoil, while also providing a longer sight radius, meaning tighter groups. Custom grips designed in partnership with Railscales finish this build that will surely catch attention both on and off the range.

    With the 6″ barrel you should see a considerable reduction in recoil in both the 9mm and .45 ACP options making it very pleasant and fast to shoot. The fully adjustable rear sight is a logical choice for this long of a pistol, but a titanium gold front sight is an interesting addition. Although it commands curb appeal and matches the barrel finish nicely, a fiber optic sight, night sight or even white dot may have been easier for most shooters to see.

    Chairman LongslideThe rest of the premium features the Chairman Longslide employs are as follows:

    • DLC Finish w/ Gold Titanium Nitride Barrel
    • Forged Government Size Frame & 6″ Barrel
    • Match-Grade Crowned Barrel
    • Nighthawk Custom Fully Adjustable Rear Sight w/ Serrated Blade
    • Railscale G10 grips
    • Heavy Angle Lightning Cuts on the Slide
    • 25 LPI Checkered Front Strap & Mainspring Housing
    • Lightweight Aluminum Nighthawk Custom Tri-Cavity Trigger
    • New Ultra Hi-Cut Front Strap
    • Completely Dehorned to Remove All Sharp Edges
    • Checkered Recoil Spring Plug

    The Railscale G10 grips paired with the 25 LPI checkering should be like velcro in a shooters hand. Railscale is a niche company that makes textured accessories for AR-15s as well as 1911 grip panels and these mate well with the overall look of the Chairman Longslide.

    Nighthawk Custom noted early on in their press statement that the Chairman Longslide is a first model within what they are calling their Boardroom Series of pistols. So be on the lookout for other offerings to soon follow.

    Chairman Longslide

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