NEW Blaser INFINITY Line of Hunting Rifle Scopes

    Blaser has entered the optical devices market earlier this year with the introduction of PRIMUS series of binoculars. Recently they have announced three new riflescopes for 2018. The new scope series are called INFINITY, with the model designations being Infinity 1–7×28 iC, Infinity 2.8–20×50 iC and Infinity 4–20×58 iC.

    Infinity 1–7×28 iC                                                                                                                           Images from

    All three new Blaser scopes feature first focal plane reticles. In this layout, the reticle is placed in front of the magnifying lenses. It means that with the change of the magnification the reticle size will also change. The advantage of a first focal plane reticle is that your range estimations and holdovers will be the same on the reticle regardless of the magnification. You can see in the images below, that no matter if the magnification is set on 10X or 20X, the target covers the same area on the reticle which will allow the shooter to estimate the distance to it.

    There is also an illuminated dot in the reticle with adjustable brightness. The iC designation of the scopes stands for Illumination Control. If mounted on a Blaser R8 rifle with iC cocking slide, the scope sensors recognize that the rifle was cocked and automatically activate the illuminated dot. The cocking slide on these rifles works as a safety by simply decocking and cocking the firing pin when switching to safe and fire positions respectively. The dot can also be activated manually and it will turn off if the rifle is in vertical or lying position to save the battery life. Once the rifle is shouldered, the dot will automatically turn on.

    The Infinity 1-7×28 iC scope also has an interesting feature called IVD – Intelligent Variable Dot. If the magnification is set at 4X or less, the dot is larger allowing easier acquisition for close range shots, which is especially useful when shooting at a running game animal. In case if the magnification is higher than 4X, the illuminated dot automatically becomes smaller to let you make a longer range and more precise shot.

    Note also that the new Blaser scopes don’t use rings to mount on the base. They have a lower rail which mounts on Blaser Saddle Mount which in its turn mounts to Blaser rifle barrels. Similar systems are used in some of the scopes made by ZEISS, Swarovski, and Schmidt&Bender.

    The Infinity series of Blaser scopes will be available through the company’s dealers in spring 2018.

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