Shotwave Ear Pro: Variable Power Hearing Protection in Analog Form

    Ear Pro

    Allen Company announced it was now selling a new hearing protection product called Shotwave. The Shotwave is a completely analog system without any electronic circuits or batteries. Yet, it has a feature that lets the wearer select how much sound attenuation is provided.

    Once inserted into the ear, a wearer can “click” the earbuds to swap from 25 dB of sound reduction to 12 dB. This allows you to have maximum protection when shooting, yet be able to quickly step down to hear normal conversations without removing the plugs.

    These look remarkably similar to the ProSounds X-Pro hearing protection that I wrote about in 2015. I imagine the technology used in the two devices is similar. Pro-Sounds, now called Axil, indicates that its product offers 30 dB/19 dB protection, though at a price tag that is $10 more.

    The Shotwave can be used in conjunction with muffs. While the amount of protection offered from doubling up varies, and I’ve not found any in-depth studies on using muffs and plugs together, it is generally accepted that combining the two offers the best possible hearing protection. Some limited studies suggest that noise attenuation of between 35 and 40 dB can be achieved with good quality plugs and muffs.

    The Shotwave has a silicone plug that fits into a range of ear canal sizes. A small arm helps to keep the plugs in place while you move. A neoprene pouch is included to store them when not in use.

    Allen Company has a fairly modest suggested retail price on these: $14.99. For a set of ear pro that should last for many range trips, approximately $15 to help prevent hearing loss is a real bargain.

    Richard Johnson

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