Rheinmetall introducing Vario-Ray LowProfile laser to the US market

    There is a new member of the Rheinmetall VARIO-RAY family and it’s going to be introduced on the US market.

    The new VARIO-RAY LowProfile (VR-LP) is a compact laser aiming and illuminating device designed and developed by Rheinmetall Soldier Electronics (RSE).

    Rheinmetall Soldier Electronics GmbH, Germany, is a member of the Rheinmetall group. The company is specialised in the field of products and services for the infantry forces, primarily for laser aiming devices.

    The VR-LP is waterproof and lightweight and comes in a durable aluminum case that extends less than one inch above the mounting rail to assure that any holographic sights or red dots or other optics don’t get their field of view blocked.

    Below: Manufactured in 10/2017.

    The design allows the operator to easily adjust the power settings of all four lasers as well as the illuminators field of view. The design provides stability, reliability and is compatible with all in-service night vision devices.

    The VR-LP has no less than 4 lasers, a red visible aiming laser, a near infrared (IR) laser, as well as two near IR illuminators.

    The VR- LP builds upon The Rheinmetall Group’s extensive laser aiming product knowledge and the design enables the device to withstand the demands of today’s compact assault rifles and hostile combat environments while providing the operator with a system that is straightforward to use. American Rheinmetall Systems, LLC fully supports the manufacture and sale of this product in the US market.

    Rheinmetall Soldier Electronics (RSE) is based in Germany, in Stockach near Lake of Constance and employs around 100 people.

    American Rheinmetall Systems (ARS), LLC, formerly Vingtech, LLC, is located in Biddeford, Maine, USA. Established in January 2007, the company has been a member of the Rheinmetall Group since June 2010.

    I have not been able to find a price for this product.

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