Pakistani Punjab Police to Rearm: Submachines, M4s, Precision Rifles

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    Government officials from the Pakistani province of Punjab Province (capital, Lahore) have recently announced through local television outlets and in the Pakistani newspaper Dawn that a small arms procurement program for the provincial law enforcement forces is currently in order. Initially, it appeared that the force was acquiring 5,000 M4 carbines. Upon further investigation, this number appears to be more like 100 M4s and 5,000 submachine guns (unspecified type, but most likely an MP5 derivative). Along with precision rifles, handguns, armor, and 200 paintball guns (most likely for riot control).

    If this procurement goes through, and the required import/export permits are acquired, this would put the Lahore and Punjab police forces as some of the more technologically advanced police forces in Pakistan. It also wouldn’t be the first use of M4s in the country as multiple other defense and security services in Pakistan use the carbine. The majority of these small arms would be appropriate for law enforcement response teams, whether to a riot or a crisis situation. With the exception of the submachine guns which are carried by officers on routine patrols from time to time.

    From the Dawn article (emphasis mine)-

    Setting aside the critical requirement of sophisticated weapons, the Punjab police department in the annual procurement for 2017-18 is going to equip its force with ‘conventional arms’ again. Particularly, it has blatantly ignored the concerns of the Rajanpur and Mianwali district police who have been raising the issue of ill-equipped force during fierce clashes with the Chotoo gang and other hardened criminals. … “Many gangs operating in far-flung areas are equipped with latest weapons as compared to the local police,” the officer lamented. … “The capacity of police’s weapons is insufficient to target criminals hiding in the riverine areas of Rajanpur as it is largely surrounded by water and islands,” …According to the proposal, the department initiated process for the procurement of 5,000 Sub-Machine Guns (SMGs), 25 sniper rifles, 300 9mm guns, 100 M-4 rifles, 3,000 each bullet proof jackets, bullet proof helmets, handcuffs (American style), 200 paint ball guns with apparatus, etc.

    He said a majority of the arms being procured would be used by the anti-riot force instead of [by] those police officials who were taking risks in fighting against criminals.


    We have some detail as to the assignment of the small arms, although this is unverified information from a forum poster-

    For all those wondering, this is a purchase order to equip: Security Division 1200 persons, Mujahid Squad 1,600 Flying Squad 850, Elite Force 975, Dolphin Force 25 persons and the remaining will be dished out to Police College Sihala / EPTS Lahore for training purposes.

    The Dolphin Force is akin to a SWAT team in Lahore. This is a promotional video put out by the response team-

    These screen grabs were originally posted on Pakistani Defense. They are titled “Breaking News” in Urdu and contain some details of the small arms acquisitions.


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