Chinese Norinco Glock Clone

China is at it again. Knocking off other’s designs.

Paul Kim aka PK Surefire of PKDesignLab posted up some photos of a Norinco Glock Clone. Larry Vickers shared some of the photos on his Facebook page.

Here is what PK posted:

Glock copies are in trends? Ran into a Chinese copy this time.
NOTE: this is NOT an airsoft toy gun, this was a real gun..
very solid feeling with a good quality textures grip and hard polymer like H&K USP. Must be made out of Nylon 6/66 Polyamide resins like DuPont Zytel.
BTW, the serial number was an option! :O
Just don’t expect Santa will get you one of this into your socks

The frame looks like a Gen 3 with Gen 4 texture. Look at the hole for the magazine release on the left-hand side of the grip, it is not enlarged like on a Gen 4 Glock.

Notice the rear of the grip does not have the indentation for the interchangeable backstraps seen on Gen 4 frames.