Germany: SIG MCX for the German Police

    The German Police in Schleswig-Holstein (location: think Northern Germany, Kiel) are spending $1.4 million USD to buy 522 pieces of SIG MCX rifles. The total includes accessories.

    The reason? To be better armed and prepared in the event of a terrorist attack.

    The Interior Secretary of State Mr. Torsten Geerdts said: “I am pleased that we now have a firearm for medium distance that meets the high demands of our state police.” 

    He continued: “This equipment is necessary so that our Police forces can defend the citizens and of course themselves in the case of assassinations carried out with comparable weapons.

    The SIG MCX comes as semi-automatic in caliber 5,56×45 mm, unfortunately there is no mentioning which barell length or optics they chose.

    The deliveries will start in the beginning of 2018, after which intensive training will start.

    Source: LN Online Germany

    Below: Note the “Made in Germany” sign.

    SIG Sauer is the oldest weapon manufacturer in Germany – founded in 1751.
    The have permission to make “weapons of war” and develop, produce and maintain the products in Germany. They have a restrictive monitoring of compliance with the Foreign Trade Act and the War Weapons Control Act. In 2015, the Defense Division generated sales of over € 350 million with around 1,250 employees.

    You can check out the SIG Sauer Law Enforcement Homepage for the MCX rifle series here, in German:

    Below: The SIG MCX system.

    The Police in Berlin did also get the SIG MCX, the amount was only referred to as “several hundred”. TFB mentioned it here. According to the latest information, “several hundred” means 300 pieces.

    The Berlin Police will also get new Heckler & Koch pistols, as TFB reported recently.

    TFB: German Police chose Heckler & Koch SFP9TR. Replaces SIG Sauer.

    I wonder how the Hamburg Police are getting on with their Haenel 223 rifles, and how much their issues have influenced other Police Forces?

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