Puna – The World’s smallest folding scalpel blade multi-tool

    A company in London, United Kingdom, designing knives?

    With their local laws on sharp objects that sounds a bit like a contradiction, but 3COIL Design does just that. On top of that, they designed it to look like an AR15.

    Below: Micro screwdriver – that looks like a suppressor

    Their latest design is on Kickstarter and is called the Puna knife. It looks like a rifle, but cannot shoot anything. Instead it comes full of features to solve everyday problems.

    Below: Want to feel like Leon The Assassin? Your own miniature AR15 case. Note the magazines with different screwdrivers.

    Below: Probably why most people would want to get the Puna? Open a cold drink.

    3COIL Design

    The “Puna” is a knife designed for the modern world. Beautifully designed, meticulously engineered and exceptionally flexible, the “Puna” is your perfect everyday carry tool. Not only does it look amazing, it is extremely tough, and will withstand years of use.


    YouTube: “Puna Knife by 3COIL The “Puna” is a knife designed for the modern world. Beautifully designed, meticulously engineered”


    Technical info

    • Material: Stainless Steel
    • Colour: Black with silver details
    • Blades: No.11 Blades only (will not close with other blades)
    • Length: 80mm, 101mm with silencer (3.15”,3.97”)
    • Width: Barrel handle 3.75mm (0.15”) – widest part 6.3mm (0.25”)
    • Height: 29mm with screwdriver bit magazine (1.14”)
    • Screwdriver: 1x 3.8mm Flat head & 1x PZ1 Pozi bit
    • Micro Screwdriver: length 38mm, Head 1.5mm flat  

    Presentation case

    • Material: Aluminium + Foam insert
    • Dimensions:  100 x 69 x 17 mm (3.93”x2.71”x0.67”)
    • Storage: Puna and accessories + 6 credit cards / 20 business cards




    They plan to start shipping at the end of June 2018

    The price for the PUNA is 20 GBP, about 27 USD.

    The perfect gift?

    You can check the Kickstarter project here.

    Eric B

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