STREAK Visual Ammunition – Nonflammable “Tracers”

    STREAK ammo

    Ammo, Inc. announced the company was now selling STREAK Visual Ammunition. This is nonflammable ammunition that uses a phosphor material that is applied to the base of the bullet. When fired, this phosphor material glows as the bullet moves downrange. It is visible to the shooter, but less so to anyone at increasing angles to the bullet base.

    If I understand the technology, this works in a manner similar to photoluminescent sights. The phosphor material on the base of the bullet is exposed to the bright burning of the gunpowder. Some of that light energy is absorbed by the phosphor material that in turn begins to glow. That glow is what you see as the bullet moves away from the muzzle.

    The STREAK Visual Ammunition appears to be similar, if not the same, as the One-Way Luminescence tracer technology discussed here.

    STREAK Visual Ammunition loads do not appear to be listed on the company’s website yet. However, the company states initial loads will be offered in 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP. The company also states it will expand to additional cartridges, offer hollow point loads with this technology and offer two colors of illumination: red and a yellow/green.

    Ammo, Inc. is a relatively young ammunition company. According to the information published on the company’s “about” page it looks like the CEO, CFO and board members come from areas of business not involving the firearms industry. It will be interesting to see what influence the company exerts in the ammunition market during coming years.

    Of course, the company’s website turning my mouse pointer into an inaccurate crosshairs¬†√† la a GeoCities website from 1996 does not inspire confidence. Hopefully, the STREAK ammo will do better than the cold tracer round that G2 Research showed a few years back.

    Richard Johnson

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