NEW: Western Powders Handloading Guide Edition 1

    Western Powders

    Western Powders is preparing to publish their very first, full-fledged reloading book. For those who are unaware, Western Powders owns multiple, reputable companies within the reloading industry that you probably are already using.

    • Ramshot Reloading Powders
    • Accurate Reloading Powders
    • Montanan X-Treme Gun Care Products
    • Blackhorn 209 Muzzleloading Propellant
    • Norma Smokeless Powders

    Now before anyone states that Western Powders already publishes reloading data, I will tell you to pump the brakes on that notion a bit. They have in the past produced a Reloading Guide which provides data on general reloading practices, cleaning procedures and actual data. This, however, was in the form of a short magazine. What Western Powders will be selling soon is truly a hardcover, complete handloading guide.

    It will feature Accurate, Ramshot and Blackhorn 209 powders providing reloaders with data for metallic cartridges and their muzzleloading firearms as well.

    The teaser image of their new Handloading Guide can be seen above. It was first posted on their Instagram account and many followers are sharing the grateful sentiment of: “Thank you! It’s about time!”

    They also posted another image on their Facebook account for the release of this new Handloading Guide.

    Western Powders

    While commenting on their Facebook photo, Western Powders had this to say:

    We are racing a deadline to have it on sale before Christmas. It will be close, but odds are it is going to available closer to New Years. I will update everyone as soon as it is available. We are going to sell it online, along with a handful of retail outlets.

    So there you have it! Within the coming weeks it should hopefully be available on Western Powders’ website. Optimistically, before Christmas, but if not by then, for sure by the first of the year.

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