New 300 BLK Upper for Pistols, SBRs

    AXE CQB Upper

    Axelson Tactical¬†announced it was now selling an AR upper chambered for the 300 BLK cartridge with a 10.5″ barrel. The new AXE CQB upper is a nearly complete assembly minus the charging handle and bolt carrier group (though those can be added.)

    The upper uses a forged upper and pistol length gas system. Attached to the barrel is a KAK Industry Slimline Flash Can, which is a popular muzzle device for short barrel AR pistols and rifles. I am a bit surprised the company did not opt to use its own A2 Blast Shield. Wrapped around the barrel and Flash Can is a Guntec USA 12″ handguard. The handguard is made of aluminum and has Magpul M-LOK attachment points for adding lights and other gear to your gun.

    As described, the upper has a full retail price of $695, though the company is offering a lower introductory price of $424.95. If you want one of the company’s Axelson Combat Charging Handles and Nitride Bolt Carrier Groups, that will set you back another $125.

    Axelson was founded by Jeff Axelson, the brother of Navy SEAL Matthew Axelson who was killed in action during Operation Red Wings. Matthew Axelson received the Navy Cross for his actions during that battle. The company supports a number of charities including the Matthew Axelson Foundation, Lone Survivor Foundation, Navy SEAL Foundation and Special Operations Wounded Warriors.

    Richard Johnson

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