SB Tactical Kits for Remington & Mossberg Firearms

    SB Tactical

    SB Tactical announced the company was now offering arm braces for the Remington TAC-14 and the Mossberg 590 Shockwave firearms. These two guns are similar to shotguns since they both fire shotgun shells, but have shorter barrels and other size specifications that make them plain firearms instead of shotguns or handguns.


    SB Tactical

    Two of the new SB Tactical braces are named the TAC14-SBM4 and the 590-SBM4 respectively. According to the company, they do not alter either firearm to create some other specific class of firearm. When assembled, both kits weigh¬†21 ounces and measure 10.25″ long.

    SB Tactical uses 7075 aluminum as a receiver extension in these kits. The kits also come with an ERGO GRIPS Flat Top SUREGRIP, SBM4 pistol stabilizing brace and an appropriate ERGO GRIPS adaptor and castle nut.

    Both kits are made in the United States of America. SB Tactical is already offering these arm brace kits on its website. Both versions carry a suggested retail price of $199.99. For me, the SB Tactical arm brace make the Shockwave and TAC-14 much more practical options for any kind of defensive use.


    SB Tactical

    A lighter version of the arm brace is also offered for the Remington and Mossberg firearms. They are called the TAC14-SBL and the 590-SBL kits. They carry the same retail price and use similar components. However, SB Tactical replaces the SBM4 brace with a low profile SBL brace. This reduces the overall weight to 18.5 ounces.

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