RifleGear’s Budget Priced Tater AR-15 Muzzle Brake

    There are a myriad of muzzle brakes out on the market, we’ve written about many of them but I’m sure there’s many more we’ve missed over the years. Some of them are pretty basic two or three chamber designs and some are more elaborate with multiple ports and chambers. There are a few on the market that are tuneable as well.

    Over the last few years the big thing was to add a removable blast shield attachment around a muzzle brake to help divert gasses and the muzzle blast forward away from the shooter and people to the side. All these fancy designs and attachments also meant higher prices with many muzzle brakes selling for over $100 or more. I’m guilty of spending that much on a muzzle brake. Did spending that much money on a brake reduce recoil and muzzle rise? It sure did, but would I spend that again? Meh, probably not.

    A current trend I’ve noticed are budget priced muzzle brakes that are high quality and get the job done but won’t hurt your wallet. Are they going to reduce muzzle rise and recoil by 90% like the fancy operator approved brakes on the market? Probably not, but they’ll most likely make a noticeable difference. A few examples of low priced muzzle brakes are the Strike Industries J-COMP and Midwest Industries Two Chamber Muzzle Brakes.

    I recently stumbled upon RifleGear’s budget friendly Tater AR-15 Muzzle Brake. Their Tater Brake (as in meat and potatoes) isn’t anything fancy. It’s a multiple chamber brake for use with both 5.56 NATO and .223 Rem, it includes a crush washer and it’s 1.95″ long and weights 3.3oz. If you do want to use one of those fancy blast shields the Tater Brake is compatible with the Ferfrans CRD-Concussion Reduction Device.

    The Tater Brake retails for $29.99 but it’s on sale for $14.99 over at RifleGear.com.

    Simple and basic, just like meat and potatoes. The Tater Brake fills the need for a cost effective muzzle brake. Fits all barrels with 1/2 x 28 RH standard threads. Long enough to make a 14.5″ barrel a legal 16″ as a pinned/welded muzzle device. The Tater Brake includes a pre-drilled hole for a dowel pin.

    The Tater Brake is also compatible with the Ferfrans CRD-Concussion Reduction Device(Sold Separately).

    Designed for 5.56 NATO and .223 Rem ammunition. Crush washer included.
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