DIY Barrel Made of REBAR and Rimfire Barrel Liner

    A YouTube channel called “This Stuff I Do” has a 3-part video series showing how the host of the channel makes a DIY .22LR barrel out of rebar with a rimfire barrel liner installed into it. Barrel liners are thin-walled rifled cylinders which are designed to give a second life to worn out barrels (mostly rimfire ones) by installing the liner into the original bore.

    The first video was released about 4 months ago. In this video, the host of the channel shows the processes of drilling the hole in the rebar, milling the barrel lump out of a block of steel and welding the barrel and lump together. The YouTuber also shows how he fits the parts to the action and bore to the firing pin to make it hit the rim of the rimfire cartridge. The action he uses looks to be borrowed from a Rossi single shot break action rifle.

    The Part 2 and 3 were published about a month ago. In Part 2, the YouTuber shows how he made the forearm, how attached it to the barrel/rebar and applied a finish to the wood. In this episode, he also makes a manual extractor for his DIY barrel.

    Part 3 shows the test firing. He starts from .22 Aguila Colibri and gradually goes up to shooting CCI Stingers.

    Pretty interesting DIY project, isn’t it?

    DO NOT try to make barrels at home if you are not confident in what you are doing.

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