SAR USA Unveils their Answer for Duty, Competition and Carry… the SAR 9

    SAR 9

    Roughly 2 months ago, unbeknownst to many shooters, SAR USA unveiled one of their newest pistols. This simplistic looking model, SAR USA believes, solves the firearm riddle of producing a pistol that is perfect for duty, competition and carry. Instead of 2 or 3 pistols, SAR USA states they have you covered.

    SAR 9SAR USA combined all the features experts demand in one handgun for duty, competition and carry in its new SAR 9. The polymer-framed, striker-fired semiauto is made to NATO specs in the 137-year-old firearm firm’s cutting-edge facility.

    Lightweight, accurate and unwavering in reliability, the SAR 9’s low-profile design channels recoil straight back into the hand for recoil mitigation and follow-ups faster than criminals can say, ‘Sorry, mister!’

    By just simply looking at the aesthetics, it is reminiscent of an H&K VP9. A similar ergonomic handle, texturing and overall size.

    This pistol comes with two 15-round magazines which is a good standard for any handgun purchase. What SAR USA hopes to truly sell consumers on with this model though is the trigger. That will be their proof in the pudding or what sets them apart from competitors.

    SAR 9SAR 9’s next-generation trigger design does away with the terrible two-stage feel that has become the accepted norm. Instead, SAR 9 uses a patented, double-action-style trigger that’s pounds lighter than traditional double actions.

    The only tricky part of this new product release is that SAR USA does not openly state what the trigger pull weight is… Nevertheless, this Turkish made pistol comes in at an affordable price point of $449.

    The full product announcement can be read below.

    SAR 9

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