Extended Buffer Tube for AR Pistols

    Leapers Buffer Tube

    Leapers, Inc. is now offering an extended length buffer tube for use on AR pistols. Buffer tubes, also called receiver extensions, are the part of an AR that capture the buffer assembly and, on rifles, is the part onto which buttstocks mount.

    The new buffer tube measures 8.5″ in length. It is made of 7075-T6 aluminum and has a Type III hard coat anodized finish. This is the same material and finish used on most AR receivers. A dry film lube is used on the interior of the receiver extension in an effort to improve smoothness and reliability. The interior length of the tube makes it compatible with standard buffers and springs.

    Leapers Buffer Tube

    The extended buffer tube is made in the United States of America. It is sold under the company’s UTG PRO brand. According to a company representative, UTG PRO is the company’s line of domestically made products that it considers to be of higher quality construction.

    Leapers Buffer Tube

    Leapers states the tube is compatible with the Gear Head Works Tailhook Mod 1 and most pistol tube covers. A removable indexing pin is included for use with the Tailhook pistol brace. You can see more on the Tailhook arm brace here. The suggested retail price of this AR part is $34.97.

    Richard Johnson

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