ERGO’s New Camo Grip for AR

    AR grip

    ERGO Grips announced an extension of its line of the ERGO 2 AR GRIP line of pistol grips for the AR platform. The new grip has an organic camouflage pattern dominated by browns. Due to the way the grips are made, each one has a unique appearance.

    The camo version of the ERGO 2 AR GRIP has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) of $32.25. This is the same price as the other members of the ERGO 2 AR GRIP line.

    Many people know ERGO Grips for the range of handgun and AR grips it makes. The ERGO 2 AR GRIP is designed for both the AR-10 and -15 platforms. It has the company’s SUREGRIP overmolded material that helps improve a solid hold on the gun. This material is not affected by gun oils or typical cleaning solvents.

    While the company makes other AR grips, this specific line is more rounded in the back with finger grooves the company describes as being “ergonomically correct.” The hollow cavity inside the grip can be used to store things and is compatible with some other aftermarket accessories.

    The ERGO 2 AR GRIP comes with another of the company’s products: The Gapper. The Gapper is a small piece that plugs the empty space between  he trigger guard and pistol grip.

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