Hungarian AMP-69: The Grenade Launcher AK

    Kalashnikov Media has released another short video of their video series called “Kalashnikov: Around the World”. This time they are showcasing a really interesting version of the Kalashnikov rifle – the Hungarian AMP-69. What sets this rifle apart from others is that it was redesigned to better suit the rifle grenade launching role.

    AMP-69 was issued with anti-tank, fragmentation, signal and gas grenades. In order to launch the grenade, the shooter must first shut the gas port closed, then install the grenade onto the barrel and use blank cartridges to launch it. There was also a 10-round magazine for use with blank cartridges.

    In order to prevent the dust cover from being blown out by the massive recoil of the fired grenade, the dust cover latch design was changed to ensure a more reliable lockup.

    To decrease the recoil impact on the shooter, the forearm is redesigned to a movable one.

    The stock design is also changed to a buffered one to mitigate the recoil.

    The movable forearm and the buffered stock allow the whole rifle to freely recoil for a certain distance without transferring the initial recoil impulse to the shooter neither through the stock nor through the forearm.

    The AMP-69 rifles were also equipped with optics mounted on an elevation adjustment base.

    AMP-69 was adopted in 1974 and the production lasted up until the end of the ’80s. Besides Hungary, it was also used by some Middle East countries.

    If you want to watch the above mentioned Kalashnikov Media video, click on the link below.

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