HEIZER Defense PKO-45 Semi-Auto Pistol Now Shipping

    Heizer Defense has recently announced that the first batch of PKO-45 pistols had been shipped to a dealer. It means the sales of these long-awaited handguns have started. The MSRP is $899.

    Images by Heizer Defense

    PKO-45 is a very slim and compact semi-auto pistol chambered in .45 ACP. With the thickness of .8,” it is arguably the world’s slimmest semi-auto pistol chambered in this caliber. The overall length is 6.1″ with 2.75″ barrel length. This pistol comes with either stainless steel or titanium frames. In case of the stainless steel option it weighs 28 oz and with the titanium option, the empty weight is 22 oz. The capacity of PKO-45 is 5+1 rounds with the flush fitting magazine and 7+1 with the extended one. The recoil spring of this handgun is located above the barrel which allows placing the barrel low in the frame thus having a lower bore axis which in its turn should make the gun more controllable. The barrel is fixed and the handgun utilizes a blowback operation mechanism. I assume it is not direct blowback but some sort of a delayed blowback mechanism.

    PKO-45 is a single action only, hammer fired pistol with an internal hammer and trigger pull of 8 lbs. The manual safety selector lever is ambidextrous. The pistol features a grip safety on the front strap of the grip. There is also a visual and tactile loaded chamber indicator.

    The straight feeding system utilized in this handgun, makes the new rounds from the magazine to be aligned with the chamber and be pushed straight into it by the slide. This system doesn’t require the rounds to hit the feed ramp before being chambered thus making it less sensitive to the bullet shape. In other words, it should have fewer chances to have malfunctions when feeding hollow point bullets.

    Later, based on PKO-45, there will be 9x19mm and .380 ACP models available for purchase.

    Hrachya H

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