The VSSK “Vychlop” Sniper Rifle

    This Russian sniper rifle resembles quite a bit to the AR15 Potato launchers, but that’s about where the similarities end as well.

    VSSK stands for Vintovka Snayperskaya Spetsialnaya Krupnokalibernaya, so thank’s to the Russians for abbreviating that. It’s a 12.7×55 mm (.50) large caliber special sniper rifle made by the BFP Instrument Design Bureau, with focus on military and police special operations.

    The design is a bullpup, operated by a straight pull, bolt action with a rotary locking bolt head.

    Note that the case length is only 55 mm, so considerably shorter than a .50 BMG (12,7×99 mm) or a Russian 12.7 mm x 108 mm.

    The projectiles are heavy, from 910 grains (59 gram) to 1170 grains (76 gram). That’s a whole lot of sub-sonic something coming out of the barrel and the suppressor, but the velocities are somewhat low at around 950 feet per second (needs to be sub-sonic).


    Below: The code name for the VSSK Sniper Rifle is “Vychlop” which means exhaust. I wonder what make them come up with that name, it’s not obvious at all. The “Exhaust” can be removed for cleaning and transportation.

    The magazine takes 5 rounds.  The bipod look a bit weak on the picture, but is integrated in the bottom rail. Note the flip-up secondary sights.

    This suppressor looks even bigger than the one the Danes use for their .50 AI AX.

    Eric B

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