MG34 & Zundapp Motorcycle Together Again

    Last year I posted about Dave and his beautifully restored Zundapp KS750. Click here to check out the article. Back then I had mentioned to Dave that my friend Scott has a working post sample MG34 and that we should get them together so that we can have a working machine gun on the Zundapp. I was ready as was Scott. Unfortunately Dave has been busy and time slipped by. After my most recent outing with Scott testing my H&K Briefcase with his full auto MP5K, we discussed resumed interest in getting the MG34 mounted onto the motor cycle.

    I reached out to Dave again and like always he was keen on the idea. Dave reached out to Scott and they finally set a date. They got together on the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Unfortunately I was driving cross country so I was unable to attend this amazing event. My friend Tom was there and he took some video and photos.

    In the photo above you can see Scott riding in the sidecar handling his MG34 while Dave rides the Zundapp.

    Here is the video Tom sent me.

    While I am dissapointed that I was unable to attend this event, I thankful that it finally happened. What a cool experience to ride a Zundapp sidecar and shoot a working MG34. Sure there are a few FFL/SOTs out there with MG34s but who many have access to a working Zundapp?

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