Engraved Russian Firearms by Praktica of Zlatoust

    Zlatust is a Russian town known for over 200-year heritage of hosting master engravers and decorators. In 1991 a company called Praktica was established in this town. A team of local master engravers has joined the newly founded company and since then they produce a number of precious metal plated and engraved items including firearms.

    Saiga MK-03 – a civilian version of the AK-104 carbine. Price of this rifle is 3 million rubles which roughly converts to $51,450.                                                                                                                                            Images by Praktica.

    The Praktica engraved Saiga MK-03 comes in a wooden case which is also engraved and decorated.

    If you want to see a close-up view of this rifle, you can find the high-resolution version of the top image by clicking here.

    The processes used to decorate these firearms include nickel plating, etching, blueing, enameling, gold plating and so on. The materials used in the process are brass, silver, gold etc.

    The company also makes such decorated versions of many other firearms (mainly Russian ones). Images of some of them you can find below.

    Makarov pistol. Note the blank plate on the grip. The gun can custom engraved to make it a one of a kind gift.

    PSM pistol

    Yarygin pistol a.k.a. MP-443 Grach

    Walther PP

    The master engraver of these firearms is a gentlemеn named Oleg Averkin with the exception of the PSM pistol which is Vyacheslav Tychkin’s work.

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