Taurus SMT9C and SMT40C submachine guns: the compact ones

    Together with the previously-described SMT9 (9x19mm) and SMT40 (.40 S&W) submachine guns, Forjas Taurus also created more compact versions of both, a really simple affair involving the use of a shorter (165mm instead of 200mm) barrel, with no flash hider, fitted to very same weapon body. The stockless guns, designated SMT9C and SMT40C, had an overall length of 410mm, empty weight being 2.6kg. All basic features were maintained, such as the firing modes (semi-auto, full-auto, and 2-round bursts), sight radius, Picattiny rails, etc. They were ready by 2011

    The 9x19mm Taurus SMT9C is just a shorter-barrel, stockless variant of the SMT9 subgun aimed at such missions as VIP security and others that may require the use of a more compact weapon.

    In this closer view, it will be noticed that only a small portion of the 165mm barrel protrudes from the receiver. Also, a chance for a better look at the reversible charging handle and the front sight structure.

    A partially disassembled SMT9C showing its bolt/recoil spring unit.

    Author firing an SMT9C from the hip, a possible quick-reaction measure in a close-in combat scenario. Cyclic rate of fire is about 750 rounds per minute. “Look, mom: no flash hider!”

    Immediately identified by its straight 30-round magazine, the .40 S&W-chambered SMT40 was basically intended for the local Brazilian LE market, but no sales are known to have materialized.

    A somewhat modified derivative of the 9x19mm model was also made and eventually found a foreign costumer, the Bangladesh Police. In 2015, that organization took delivery of 500 examples of the SM9C fitted with the standard polymer folding stock, but featuring an M4-type carry handle/rear sight unit and a smaller front sight. In December, 2016, an additional 2,500 guns were received, but these had the standard sights mounted on the top Picattiny rail.

    The rarely-seen Taurus SMT9C submachine gun in the initial configuration as delivered to the Bangladesh Police.

    Bangladesh Police agents posing with the SMT9C subguns fitted with M4-style carry handle/rear sights and modified front sights.

    Configuration of the 2,500 SMT9Cs delivered to the Bangladesh Police in December, 2016.

    Higher-res pics here: https://imgur.com/a/DbU0S

    Ronaldo Olive

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