Spike’s Tactical Launch 37mm M79

    Spike's Tactical 37mm Thumper (Spike's Tactical)

    Spike’s Tactical’s have unveiled their new 37mm flare launcher. Tapping into the nostalgia factor they have built a clone of the classic Vietnam War-era 40mm grenade launcher. The M79 nicknamed the ‘blooper’ or ‘thumper’ by troops because of the characteristic sound it made when fired.


    The M79 was developed in the mid 1950s and entered service in 1960, just in time for the escalation of fighting in Vietnam. It proved to be a favourite among troops, first seeing action in 1965. With an effective range of up to 350 metres US troops called it the ‘platoon leader’s artillery’ giving American patrols a much needed force multiplier.

    While it may have been supplanted by the XM148 and the later M203, the M79 remained in service for decades. Along with the M16 it came to be one of the US weapons that defined the era.

    Now Spike’s Tactical have launched their own Thumper with a full wooden stock and foregrip, 14-inch barrel and ladder sight. The Thumper weighs just over 9lbs and fires a variety of non-lethal 37mm flare rounds. This means the new Thumper is not a firearm and doesn’t have to be NFA registered. The ST Thumper is retailing at $995 + shipping.

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