UPDATE: Montenegrin TARA TM-9 Pistol

    Several years ago we posted a couple of pictures of Montenegrin TARA TM-9 pistol. By revisiting the manufacturer’s website, I found more information released concerning this firearm, which I’ll present in this article.

    TARA TM-9 is a polymer framed handgun using a Browning short barrel recoiling action with tilting barrel lockup. It is chambered in 9x19mm Luger. This is a striker fired handgun using a double action trigger mechanism called DARE (Double Action Rapid Engagement) System. That system is not described very well, that’s why in order to avoid misinterpretation, I’ll just quote the description from the manufacturer’s website:

    The Tara trigger operation is striker-fired and it’s special DARE System (Double Action Rapid Engagement) resets the firing-pin after a 3mm release of the trigger. This allows fast precision taps after the first round fired in Double Action. After a misfire there is no need to rack the slide, a second striker action can be initiated by simply pulling the trigger again.

    The DA trigger pull weight is 2.8 kilograms (about 6 lbs 3 oz). The trigger mechanism of this pistol doesn’t require to pull the trigger to start the disassembly process.

    The bore axis height of TM-9 Pistol is 22mm (.866″). The slide and barrel are machined out of solid bars of stainless steel and feature some sort of special anti-corrosion surface treatment. Unfortunately, neither the steel mark nor the surface treatment process name are specified by the manufacturer.

    The pistol comes with two magazines which are made of steel and have 17 round capacity. The magazine catch button is ambidextrous. The polymer frame features an accessory rail and three interchangeable backstraps. Frames can be made in different color options. The extractor also works as a loaded chamber indicator. This pistol also comes with a pin punch stored inside the grip cavity (behind the magazine well). The empty weight of TARA TM-9 pistol is 750 grams (about 26.5 oz). It has a 113mm (4.45″) barrel, an overall length of 187mm (7.36″) and 30mm (1.18″) thickness.

    You can find a set of images of this pistol (from manufacturer’s website) below.

    Hmmm … Perfection? I think I heard that somewhere!

    Here is also an exploded drawing of the pistol.

    As soon as we get any updates concerning the materials, surface treatment and the trigger mechanism, I’ll update this article.

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