Sightmark’s New Wolfhound Mini Shot M-Spec Kit

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    Sightmark announced the company was now bundling two of its popular sight systems together into a single kit. The two sights, the Wolfhound 6×44 and the Mini Shot M-Spec, compliment each other. If you like these sights, buying them together could make a lot of sense.

    The base part of this kit is the Wolfhound 6×44 prismatic sight. This sight offers a 6x magnification and was specifically designed to work with AR style rifles. It has a horseshoe type reticle that is set up to work with 55 grain and 62 grain .223 Rem ammunition. According to Sightmark, the horseshoe portion of the reticle has a 7.5 MOA ring for close in shooting. Additionally, the reticle has a more precise 0.5 MOA center dot for longer ranges. It includes holdovers for 300-900 yards.

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    The second part of this kit is the company’s Mini Shot M-Spec sight. This is a non-magnifying reflex sight with a 3 MOA dot reticle. It is designed to mount to the top of the Wolfhound optic and allow the shooter to make transitions between 6x and 1x magnifications.

    Sightmark also includes rubber covers for both of the optics with this kit. A low profile mount for the Mini Shot and a Mini Shot AR riser are also included. To round it out, the company includes batteries for both units. The only thing the company did not provide was a MSRP, so check with your local dealer on this one.

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