POTD: OCD Glock Dissassembly

    Have you taken your Glock apart down to this level? This is rather impressive and I hope it is for illustrative purposes. Godspeed Firearms posted this photo on their Facebook page with a list of scheduled maintenance for Glock shooters.

    For you Glock owners… Parts replacement schedule:

    1. Recoil Spring Assembly: 3,000-4,000 rounds (Gen 1-3). 5,000-7,500 rounds (Glock Gen 4)

    2. Firing Pin Spring (striker): 15,000 rounds

    3. Firing Pin Safety Spring: 15,000 rounds

    4. Extractor Depressor Plunger Spring: 15,000 rounds

    5. Magazine Catch Spring: 15,000 rounds

    6. Standard Trigger Spring: 15,000 rounds

    7. Slide Lock Spring: 15,000 rounds

    8. Slide Stop Lever Spring (attached to slide stop lever): 15,000 rounds

    Have you shot that many rounds out of your Glocks? Do you find this schedule to be accurate?