Craft Produced 7.62x25mm Submachine Gun in Pakistan

    A TFB reader sent us these photographs of a craft produced 7.62x25mm Tokarev submachine gun from Pakistan. The submachine gun is a select fire, blowback operated, Kalashnikov based derivative most likely originating from the gun making village of Darra Adam Khel from the Pakistani owned, Pashtun dominated province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It was confiscated from a local Pakistani resident that didn’t have the necessary permits or registration to possess it and was then photographed.

    Although the design uses a Kalashnikov piston, this is more for guiding the bolt back and forth during operation with the assistance of the recoil spring/guide rod and isn’t a functional piston system or even gas tube. The bolt head is also fixed, unlike a Kalashnikov bolt that is multi-lug and rotating within the bolt carrier.

    The folding stock latching mechanism appears to be very similar to the Polish Tantal mechanism in the appearance of the stock trunnion and the spring loaded depressing latch. However the design of this one is more akin to a wire stock with what would appear to be a sort of rubber buttpad.


    There also doesn’t appear to be any front sight present on the submachine gun, just an open front sight ring. There might have been one before, but currently, there isn’t. Although the rear sight appears to be in working condition between two Krinkov metal ear protectors.


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