US Army Shopping for Sniper Rifle Suppressors

    Sniper Team Leader with M Nari district, Kunar province, Afghanistan, 2012 (Sgt. T. Harvey/US Army)

    The US Army is potentially in the market for new suppressors for some of its sniper rifles. On 26 October a Sources Sought Notice was posted on FedBizOps for suppressors for the M24 Sniper Weapon System by the Army Contracting Command.

    A sources sought notice is not an request for information (RFI) or a request for proposals (RFP) but more research into what the marketplace has to offer. The Army is seeking out suppressor manufacturers which can potentially fulfil their needs, potentially with off the shelf products. Any company or manufacturer that becomes an approved source must first pass testing and evaluations.

    The notice does not note which variant of the M24 Sniper Weapon System the suppressor may be for but a .30 calibre suppressor will work with both the 7.62x51mm M24A2 or the upgraded .300 WinMag M2010 Enhanced Sniper Rifle which uses Advanced Armament Corporation’s Titan-QD suppressor.

    At the same time the US Army is said to be still pursuing the Compact Semi-Automatic Sniper System with the adoption of Heckler & Koch’s 7.62x51mm G28, designated as the M110A1. The M110A1, if and when funded, will replace the current Knight’s Armament-manufactured M110. Heckler & Koch have previously displayed the M110A1 at trade shows with Operators Suppressor Systems (OSS) suppressors.

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