AKG Industries “The AK Guy” Commemorative AK Rifles (Limited Edition)

    Earlier, Brandon Herrera, also known as “The AK Guy“, announced that he had established a company to start offering AK products and to introduce the AK-50. The company is called AKG Industries. Several days ago, Brandon announced the launch of the first product of the AKG Industries. It is a limited edition of “The AK Guy” commemorative AK-47 rifles.

    There will be only 47 of such rifles made. Each will have a marking on the receiver indicating which one of the 47 made rifles that particular rifle is (as shown in the above image). There will also be The AK Guy logo engraved on right sides of the receivers. These commemorative rifles are symbolizing the transition from The AK Guy to AKG Industries. These will be the first and only rifles made by AKG Industries that bear The AK Guy logo.

    The rifles are made in the USA from new receivers, imported parts kits and refinished Russian furniture. They are chambered in 7.62x39mm caliber. The barrels are made of 4150 steel and feature nitrided finish. Other external metal parts have Cerakote (High Gloss Black) finish. The actions of the rifles are hand tuned. The muzzle thread pitch is 14x1L which is a left-handed metric pitch normally seen in AK-47s/AKMs. The rifles will also come with the iconic slant brakes installed.

    Below is Brandon’s announcement about the launch of these rifles.

    These commemorative rifles are available through the AKG Industries website at a price of $1,649. Each rifle comes with a signed certificate of authenticity, a display stand, case and magazine.

    Hrachya H

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