CZUSA Teases Reflex Suppressed Scorpion for 2018

    Suppressed Scorpion

    Cyber Monday means something a bit different to the folks at CZ USA. Quietly dropping a bomb on their Instagram page, CZ released a design mock-up of an integrally reflex suppressed Scorpion. In what they are referring to as a sneak peak at the 2018 new products lineup, a fully welded titanium reflex silencer sits under an HB Industries handguard. From the looks of the picture, the barrel is not ported, so the term “integrally suppressed” is used a bit loosely*.

    *For clarification: This is a reflex design silencer without barrel porting, so I’m correcting my orginal post. MSRP is set for $599 for the stainless steel version and $929 for the titanium version

    While the overall length isn’t stated in the brief write up, the silencer only adds about six inches to the end of the muzzle, making for a very compact package. I am excited to see a market player like CZ innovating when it comes to silencers and subgun design. This Scorpion looks to be both a fun and practical defensive setup.

    The first #MondayMorningCZSneakPeek of 2018 new products is a foray into a new market for us here at CZ-USA.

    With increasing use of Scorpions by Law Enforcement, we knew the time was quickly approaching when we’d need suppressed variants to meet the demands of some of the special units we work with. Not only that, we needed a suppressor that could maximize the available real estate of the Scorpion package while keeping the overall length as short as possible. The can in question was something that we couldn’t source in the marketplace, requiring us to make it ourselves. Teaming up with the airflow specialists at Aerocharger, we were able to achieve the suppression of larger, bulkier cans but in a much lighter, shorter package.

    A fully-welded titanium can, the S2 Ti Reflex is designed to fit under an HB Industries handguard, allowing it to have a 2” reflex blast chamber and giving it the volume of much larger cans while only protruding from the muzzle 5.83 inches. Weighing in at just 9.6 ounces, it spits out 147 grain defensive loads at well under 130 dB. #czusasuppressors #czscorpion #suppressedscorpion #suppressors #silencers #czusa #scorpionevo3s1 #scorpionevo3s2 #scorpionsbr #rkba #pro2a #shallnotbeinfringed #repealthenfa

    CZ USA Integrally Suppressed Scorpion:



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