Perazzi HIGH TECH 60th Anniversary Platinum Limited Edition Shotgun

    In celebration of the company’s 60th anniversary, Italian firearms manufacturer Perazzi has released a limited edition version of their High Tech over and under shotguns. This anniversary shotgun features a high-polished blued finish and markings plated with platinum. There is a “Perazzi High Tech” logo on either side of the shotgun and “Perazzi 60 Anniversary Platinum Limited Edition” engraved on the bottom.

    There will be 60 such shotguns with the serial numbers also engraved on the bottom of the gun. The company will keep the first one which will be permanently displayed on their premises. The shotguns will come in a case covered with black leather and bearing the High Tech logo. The Perazzi 60th Anniversary shotguns are chambered in 12 gauge. The company officials told me that some of the guns may be chambered in 20 gauge but they will be built on the same receiver as the 12 gauge. It would also be possible to order minor customizations like bore diameter other than the standard, a trap version with a removable trigger etc.

    The price for this shotgun is €24,295 (about $28,600). All the shotguns that could be delivered in 2017 are already preordered.

    To me, these kind of firearms are rather money investment objects than something the owner will take to the field. In case of many limited edition guns, once they are sold out, they start to become more and more expensive over the years.

    Many thanks to Maria Sole Santasilia and Fabrizio Forti for the provided information.

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