Treading Lightly: SLIDEFIRE is Selling Stocks Once Again


    If any firearm company in the last month has been kicked around more than Slidefire, I would like to hear about it. After a horrific event of historic magnitude occurred in Las Vegas where a Slidefire stock was used they have been completely murdered in the press.

    First, Gunbroker banned the sale of their stocks on their website in a very surprising and knee-jerk reaction.

    This almost instantly drove the price of the stocks through the roof as a result of speculation.

    Then, merely 2 days after banning Slidefire stocks Gunbroker reversed their decision in another emotional reaction to consumer complaints.

    Next, in a surprising move, Gunbroker attempted to solicit legal advice to consumers regarding purchasing and selling Slidefire stocks. Our very own James Reeves, who is a full-time attorney, made sense of what Gunbroker wrote for our readers to simplify their message.

    In another surprising move, the NSSF and SAAMI jointly called for a review of the Slidefire stock’s legality for civilians. In the end, Slidefire stocks were proven to remain legal for civilian use. So to say that Slidefire has been through a tumultuous month is an understatement.

    Now it appears that Slidefire is ready to begin selling again. Since all of the chaos and commotion that began to occur one month ago, they had halted sales to protect their brand.


    The image above has been on Slidefire’s website for quite some time as they have been cautiously building inventory, but not selling to the public.

    This weekend, the biggest weekend of sales of the year, Slidefire sent out an e-mail stating they will resume sales on their website on Cyber Monday; tomorrow.


    The extent of their inventory and at what prices?… Yet to be determined, but if you do not want to pay gouger prices on Armslist, Gunbroker or similar sites, this may be your one opportunity to do so for quite some time.

    I can thank my arms enthusiast and friend, Daniil, for letting me know about this. If you are subscribed to Slidefire’s newsletter you should have received this e-mail.

    So if you feel the need for a Slidefire stock, by all means, hit up their website tomorrow. If want to just check pricing out of curiosity, by all means, hit up their site tomorrow. If all you want to do is see if their website crashes… I think you know what you can do tomorrow.

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