[Milipol 2017] New MEPRO MX3-T magnifier from Meprolight

    The 20:th edition of Milipol 2017 has started in Paris, France. The exhibition is dedicated to homeland security and there are quite a few interesting news being released usually.

    Meprolight have been busy and have lots of news to show, like the new MEPRO MOR reflex sight with multiple laser pointers and 3 different possible setups) as well as an updated version of the MEPRO M5 Red Dot Sight.

    They will also show an updated magnifying scope called the MEPRO MX3-T.

    It comes with a adapter that enables quicker switching between short and long distances, for rapid target acquisition.

    This new scope has 3x magnification to enhance the precision, range and effectiveness of reflex sights, such as MEPRO 21 and MEPRO MOR, by extending the shooting range without re-zeroing the sights.

    The design is compact, lightweight and made to withstand a hard day at work.

    The MEPRO MX3-T attaches to any Picatinny rail, behind a reflex sight like for instance the MEPRO 21 or MEPRO MOR, and features a quick release adapter. The adapter has a low weight, quick pull back mechanism. When not in use, it is folded over to the right side and can be easily flipped back into place when the shooter needs to engage targets at longer

    While I like reflex sights and red dot sights in general, I’m not to keen on the magnifiers. Perhaps I’m doing it wrong. What’s your opinion on magnifiers like this?



    Eric B

    Ex-Arctic Ranger. Competitive practical shooter and hunter with a European focus. Always ready to increase my collection of modern semi-automatics, optics and sound suppressors. TCCC Certified medic.